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When choosing to sponsor a school, your monthly commitment helps us maintain the current/future operations while providing learning materials. 

Sponsor a School

TMM is in the process of constructing our first kindergarten through 8th-grade school in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Currently, the school serves 495 students, expected to grow to 700 students when construction is completed. We want to support the many young learners in the school to get the best education possible. So, before the new structure, we will start classes under trees and in locally built classrooms.

Your monthly commitment will help us maintain the school’s current and future operations while also providing teachers and students with learning materials. 

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Children affected by conflict.

Schooling During Conflict

Globally, over 104 million children are living in areas of conflict. One in three of these children are out of school. School dropout rates in conflict areas are also very high. Two in five children living in countries of conflict will never complete primary school. (UNICEF)

High Illiteracy Rate

In addition to access, the quality of education is significantly affected for this population, and the effects are long term. Nearly 59 million young people aged between 15 and 24 years old living in countries affected by conflict or disaster are illiteratetriple the global rate.

Education in War Zones

Global statistics on education in conflict reflect Sudan's multiple war zones and, more specifically, the Nuba Mountains. Since colonial rule, the conflict has been ongoing, and the compounding lack of access to quality education reignites the fighting due to inequity.